...from the crazy mixed up files of Aukers B. Whiningalot


"disinformation agents?" Actually plenty of other kooks have called us that before. Usually right before blaming us for ruining their lives and making them look stupud. Kooks so rarey recognize their own part in theri image."
- Word Salad Courtesy of Jade! -

5/23/2002 AUK Regular: Carl Wilson of Lawton, OK
9/22/2002 'Anonymous' AUK Fuckwit
3/5/2003 Auk Regular: John Lewis Puff Jr.
3/8/2003 AUK Dumbfuck: Carl Wilson aka: jwatson_515!

ME: How many times did you call Pitt (my employer) to try to get me in trouble?
CARL WILSON: Well, according to you it was "about a million times" http://makeashorterlink.com/?N2E012608
ME: Well, how many times was it Carl? I know of 3 that are documented. Care to deny that number as being an exaggeration?
CARL WILSON: <crickets>
ME: I notice you don't deny contacting my workplace upwards of 3 times.